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A prominent statement from Michael Glickman

In September 2000 I received a remarkable book from Germany. It was a beautifully laid out volume about the crop circles written and compiled by Bertold Zugelder, a graphic design student, as his graduation submission. He was to be awarded an A+ for the work, but much more important for us was the fact that this lovely book foretold Bertold’s initiation of cropcircle-archive.com (which is now cropcirclecenter.com) the most assiduous and comprehensive historic record of the crop circle phenomenon.

This site – www.cropcirclecenter.com – is an invaluable resource for researchers. It currently lists over 6,250 events in over 50 countries. The record is updated in print form at the end of each season and the pages are sent out to subscribers to be added to the substantial file.

cropcirclecenter.com is an essential reference point for me, whether on line or in printed form. Look at it. Bertold Zugelder deserves our gratitude.

Michael Glickman

We highly recommend to read Michaels books and to visit his blog on www.michaelglickmanoncropcircles.com